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Since the launch of the app on Tuesday, we’ve already had over 35 requests for new features & functionality from our amazing users :raised_hands: Until now, we’ve been recording those ideas in a spreadsheet & noting how…

Big gainers/big losers filter (3)
Stock performance history in £ (17)
Charts in value/interracial Charts (3)
Freetrade integration with Emma (13)
JISA - Junior ISA (19)
Portfolio sized ISA Pricing ( 2 ) (28)
Total profit/gain in the app (1)
Watchlist (9)
Buy Freetrade T-Shirt (1)
Finimize collaboration? (17)
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Default trade set to basic (3)
Real-time in app pricing ( 2 ) (23)
Market Cap. in Stats (1)
Creating my own ETF! (2)
Integration with Monzo Marketplace (5)
Business Accounts for Limited Companies (1)
Flexible ISA's (10)
Pots or investment buckets (17)
New stock availability advance notice (3)
Show ongoing fees for Trusts and ETFs (7)
Enable users with activated accounts to refer others (8)
Storing currency in dollars ( 2 ) (22)
Add additional revenue streams (18)
Make the app available in all the App Stores (not just the UK ones) (14)
Annual Letters to shareholders (5)
Link to company website on stock's detail page (2)
After hours trading :us: (12)
Label the X axis of the graph in "all" (1)