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Gift / request your spot at the top of the waiting list :gift: ( 2 ) [Freetrade Chat πŸ”₯] (23)

Following @littlefinger’s suggestion, if you’ve received an invite to create your Freetrade account but you’re not yet able to, then you can now pass on your spot at the top of the waiting list to someone else :purple_he…

Important: Investor groups and flairs ( 2 3 4 5 6 7 ) [Freetrade Chat πŸ”₯] (123)

Hey everyone. With a whole new bunch of investors on our hands from Crowdcube R3, we’ve updated our flairs and grouping system. We currently have 5 groups, each with their own super-stylish flair: A share investors R1…

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Community Guidelines [Freetrade Chat πŸ”₯] (2)

Welcome to the Freetrade community forum - make yourself at home! While here, please bear in mind our community guidelines. Please do: Conduct discussions with respect for your fellow Freetraders Watch your language …

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