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Vote for the features that you want Freetrade to build :ballot_box: (6)

Since the launch of the app on Tuesday, we’ve already had over 35 requests for new features & functionality from our amazing users :raised_hands: Until now, we’ve been recording those ideas in a spreadsheet & noting how…

Feature Requests (Open Wiki) :bulb: (1)

Hi all, below is the list of features requested on the forum for the platform with links to related threads.I’ll mark them appropriately when/if they appear on the Freetrade roadmap. Markets EM exchange access Level 1…

Candlestick charts (17)
Market cap info (1)
Simple ISA (1)
FATCA compliance - enable Americans to use Freetrade (10)
Freetrade Foundation/Charity (1)
Freetrade Gamification ( 2 ) (21)
Portfolio chart design ( 2 ) (30)
Display withdrawals and dividend income in the "Activity" tab (5)
Stock Index Graphs to be shown in the app (1)
Make the app available in all the App Stores (not just the UK ones) (13)
Lifetime ISA ( 2 ) (21)
Freetrade/ roll-your-own index tracker (11)
Deposit funds with PayPal (9)
Recurring trades using set interval (16)
Investing in commodities from the London Metal Exchange (6)
Display price change next to securities in Discover (8)
More ETF details in the app (2)
Improved search in Discover tab (20)
Stock Volume (1)
Stock screener (3)
Accumulation indicator/ selector (1)
More detail on portfolio graph (11)
GIA minimum age? JISA? (15)
Payments made counter (6)
Notifications - Push ( Mobile App ) + E-Mail (14)
Dividend Indicator ( 2 ) (39)
Hover on time chart to see price at specific time (4)
Enable users with activated accounts to refer others (3)