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In addition to new feature requests, if there are any financial products you would like to see available in the app, for example a Stock or ETF that is not listed in the current universe :earth_africa:, please fill out t…

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Since the launch of the app on Tuesday, we’ve already had over 35 requests for new features & functionality from our amazing users :raised_hands: Until now, we’ve been recording those ideas in a spreadsheet & noting how…

Feature Requests (Open Wiki) :bulb: (1)

Hi all, below is the list of features requested on the forum for the platform with links to related threads.I’ll mark them appropriately when/if they appear on the Freetrade roadmap. Markets EM exchange access Level 1…

Secure upload of identity proofs (4)
Buy an specific number of shares rather than a £ amount ( 2 ) (23)
BT is categorised as ‘Slow internet’ - Suggest changing it ( 2 ) (27)
Enable card scanning to retrieve bank account details (10)
Instant debit card top-up for a fee (4)
Company Acquired - No activity entry (1)
Dividend Indicator ( 2 ) (32)
Filtering Stock (1)
Ethical Investing (3)
Email / push notification for new additions to the Stock Universe (12)
Freetrade app - dark theme (4)
Improved search in Discover tab (19)
List of Biggest Stock Risers and Fallers (1)
Live Chat 'Getting Started' Welcome Message (1)
Share pages to be magnifiable (1)
Switch queued orders to instant orders (2)
Islamic ETFs (4)
App/community profile link (2)
Transparent product roadmap (16)
Additional Info on Rejected Orders (6)
Link from Activity details to Company information (1)
Portfolio chart design ( 2 ) (26)
Data navigation / smart analysis (1)
Show popular stocks / ETFs (13)
Industry and sensitivity to the market (3)
Red indicator when shares lose value (8)
Activity Feed - Search / Filter (3)