100k & 10 years... What Would You Do?

Wow, super risky, I actually hold Bgrey & Velo3D.

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I’d buy a house/flat within walking distance from a uni and a hospital and let the obscene housing market + rental income do its thing


Good idea but how many of these do you think are available for the £100k? That is pretty prime rental area.

Hi, @Optimisery

Isn’t risky,if you do your company due diligence

  1. Desktop metal holds majority of the bender jetting patents for high speed bender jetting. And in order for 3D printing industry to compete with the traditional manufacturing, 3D printing cost must match old techs . Desktop CEO publicly makes statements the production system P-50 will match the cost and outcompete based on the cost of manufacturing. Therefore,I see the patents as taxes on rivals

  2. Berkshire Grey has zero debt and control strong robotics patents portfolio. Which means, the company will survive the next ten years and the potential is huge! Berkshire dominating 200 billion dollar TAM

  3. Velo3d laser bed Fusion tech is the most advanced and capable LBF technology for mission critical parts/high value parts printing in aviation, semiconductors, machinery etc. Therefore, All the companies manufacturing high value metal parts with complex geometry will lineup to purchase Velo3d laser bed Fusion printers. Plus the patent portfolio is strong.

  4. Shapeways is future Amazon of 3D printing. A place for SME’s and the average person on demand 3D printing needs. Shapeways software connects SMEs without 3D printers to global network of on demand 3d printers owned by SMEs.

  5. Glass product Total addressable market is one trillion.View Inc holds 1000 smart glass related patents portfolio. I would put £5000 and hope for 30% CAGR for ten years.

  6. Renew power is debt ridden renewable energy company with global potential. Yesterday ( 3 Feb 2022) Renew energy shares buybacks announcement signal to me the company executives confidence in executing ten gigawatts projects cross India within four years. I am willing to stake 5% or 5000 in super confidant CEOs

I think Portfolio can generate 30% CAGR for ten years. Do due diligence before investing is important


Got to say I agreed with @Optimisery but your response is very convincing :+1: I’m already in 1,2,3 and 6 but will have a look at 4 and 5. Also, feel a lot better about being in them!


I can understand the pain the current shareholders of the companies I mentioned are going through. But If had 100k to invest in Sipp or ISA account. Averaging down to $5 per share will be my only strategy. And holding shares for 30+ years

I have created freetrade stocks request for shapeways Holdings Inc share to be listed. Please consider voting for shapeways listing in freetrade app


If the 100k is the only provision someone had for their retirement in 10y, that’s either going to suggest a need for caution or a need for growth. So I would start with the appetite for risk and the need for return. And I’d try work out what outcome would create the maximum regret. And then try minimise that outcome.


Venture out of London and they’re everywhere. People still need to live in places like Aberdeen and Shedfield. Nottingham has 2 unis and atleats one massive hospital

Edit: mortgage free rental income is probably the best dividend going so less pressure to sell after 10 years aswell


I’m only thinking of Edinburgh, Exeter, Bath, Bournemouth, Bristol and Cardiff as they are where I know best and £100k wouldn’t buy a house within walking distance unless it needed a serious amount invested in it after buying. Not knocking the idea but unless you happened to live in a area with very low cost housing and the uni + hospital it would be pretty hard to do.

TBH I am surprised you could get a place for that price in Nottingham etc as well but don’t really claim to know. :rofl:

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I’d do two properties definitely. Less than 50k each property to do deposit, stamp solicitors etc. Mortgage cost £200 a month, rental income £800ish. Then tax etc, insurance. Do that 10years, if say houses went up 10% in 10years, plus the rental incomes works out nicely :-).


Agree @Coolsmp Crypto is the future, for me 50/50 Ether/BTC

Or 65/35 Ether/BTC as I feel Ether is likely to make greater gains over the next ten years

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Places like Brighton are discussing a seconds homes ban, so not sure how that might affect the ability to buy to let? I guess the more lucrative areas are out of reach with only £100k so would not matter, but other counties may be looking in this direction?

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Be interesting to see how that would be implemented. People may just set up ltd companies. I’m still having no problems buying properties tho :-). Anything near a raf base does good returns too. Will always be a need for landlords as not everyone will be able to purchase properties unfortunately. the Brighton ban they are discussing is only on new builds I believe.

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Yes highly speculative portfolio. Desktop Metal alone dropped 71% last year and is the subject of a class action suit. A minor google search reveals more.

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Personally, everyone that I know that has invested in houses in the way you suggest (and have done) has done well.


Yes. A not too deep google search reveals multiple risks.

Only one off that list i belive will do well is berkshire grey

Here’s hoping. Going ok so far. Only two years or so in and soon to be three properties.

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I wouldn’t be shocked if people get so P$£%ed off with landlords forcing the housing market upwards that we end up with a government campaigning on making major changes to stop people profiting as they do in the next 10 years or so. It just is not sustainable to carry on rising as it is and would be a vote winner to many and also not for those who own the houses…

And now people are working from home it is getting ridiculous in many places where it was cheap before. Not easy to implement but housing prices should not be controlled by people with more money leaving the poor in a impossible position. I know in Bristol so many landlords are disgraceful in how they treat tenants.

Nothing against good landlords making money at all they are only playing the rules of the game so fair play but it is pretty crap we live in a country where having a roof over your head costs so much due to people making money on the limited housing stock.


I think the government will step in and continue to regulate landlords more. Which is how it should be tbh. There is a talk of a landlord register, they have already implemented eicrs and are building towards higher and higher ratings for EPC. Also minimum sizes for bedrooms for HMOs as well. Going in the right direction so people don’t use it as a money spinner but more of a regulated business. As it should be.