2019/20 List of U.K TELECOMS Company’s

Currently looking for solid &/or growing Telecoms industry company’s that operate in the U.K. ~ focussing on Mobile, Broadband, New Growth and Infrastructure.

The company’s you list I will then look into myself, thank you in advance. :v:t3:

Nothing really with high growth in that industry. I can name you a few like BT and Vodafone. Both operate in the UK, but also have international operations like the majority of FTSE 100 companies. These companies are used as dividend plays for retired people who need income, don’t expect high growth from them.


Vodafone, cheap to buy, below average quality, interesting future ahead with growth.

BT, cheap to buy (not as cheap as VOD), rubbish quality (balance sheet), best for future grow potential as they are predicted to make the most meaningful gains.

Gamma Communications, overpriced right now and expensive to buy, good balance sheet though (might be why they are so expensive compared to their books, people like the quality buy in this industry it seems), average growth.

Inmarsat, pretty much poor across the board, poor quality, expensive to buy, however massive growth potential - this feels a real high risk move but these guys are the ones who have the best growth ratings from analysts (likely why they are so overpriced.)

Talktalk, more expensive than average, worst quality out of all of them (the books don’t spark joy), and average growth potential.

If you want growth have a look at Inmarsat and and Gamma. I’m not in this sector at all so I don’t know the finer details of the companies. But I agree with @harihar, this isn’t the place I’d go for growth.


Thank you so much for the response, exactly the suggestions I was seeking.

O2 have been considering an IPO. Supposedly delayed by brexit last I read

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