2020 IPO tracker — when will Airbnb, Snowflake, Palantir, DoorDash go public?

Coinbase is a good shout, thats happening.

I am skeptical that O2 will IPO - Telefonica have stated they have 5 countries they want to focus on as their prime profit centres, the UK is one of them. Telefonica and Liberty Global are also merging their UK operations (O2 and Virgin Media). In 2-3 years it may be more likely.

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Could you add GreenPower Motor Company to this list please? They files for IPO a few days ago.


Xpeng is live on your app :white_check_mark:


Are the shares of these companies offered before they go public (when they have filed for IPO, but not trading yet) or are these companies already trading in the secondary market? Thank you!

Thank you

Mind if I ask why there was a day delay in adding it?

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Could you have a look at adding GoodRx? They filed for an IPO on Friday

Thanks for flagging this filing, there have been so many in the last few weeks!

We will definitely take a look whether we can add this when it prices.


Could you please make ‘The HUT Group’ stock available, once they go public next month, please.


Hey Liam

Thanks for reaching out. We’ve got the Hut Group on our IPO tracker and we’re going to be sure that it’s available as soon as it lists.


Hi, would you be able to add Trine (SPAC) / Desktop Metal to the list please? They’re expecting to merge in Q4 according to their article.

Any news on US REITs and Reits within the ISA please?

New on the tracker — Bumble :honeybee:


It’s looking like Pershing, Snowflake, JFrog, American Well, Sumo, Unity and Palantir may all IPO in the next week or so.

We’re tracking these closely and will do our best to get them on your app ASAP!


When is AirBnB expected to IPO? Do i need to start moving money around or do i have a few months yet?

We don’t know for sure yet, but it’s rumoured to be very soon — so days/weeks rather than months, probably.

We’ll update on this thread as soon as we know more.

Crap, took some money out of my account to fund something else but now i am thinking i might have to put it right back!

Cheers for the heads up.

Hi Sam, could you confirm if this will be available in the ISA? Assuming yes but wanted to check :+1: thanks!

Yes, the only stocks which cannot typically be held in an ISA are ADRs:

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Update on some upcoming IPO dates, these may change:

We plan to get these on your ASAP upon their IPOs!