2021 IPO Tracker

Please can you add Olo when available https://sec.report/Document/0001193125-21-049073/

Fix Price IPO on London and Moscow exchanges

I plan to buy as much RH as I can, people trying to go short on Reddit etc will get badly burned by a squeeze.

it’s not in the nature of WSB to short stock… “stonks only go up” according to those guys.

what i mean is it would be ironic, if the hedge funds shorted the crap out of RH…

Most of WSB was short stocks late February and March 2020

Mast Energy Developments (MAST) due to go ipo today:


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Jessica Alba’s Honest company looking to IPO. Pretty good play on the future of eco & renewable consumer products.


Can we get Darktrace IPO added please Freetrade?

Already has a forum thread :point_down:


@hookedinvesting did you manage to snap a few shares of “DT” up when they went out today?

No it was already 40% up so I’m going to sit back and watch it for a few weeks :eyes:

I’ve been staying clear of IPOs for a while, but hoped this one wasn’t going to jump too much on day 1!

@hookedinvesting wise choice

Krispy Kreme files for IPO

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Please Add Beachbody IPO $BODY
Year on year this company has performed and grown and with the pandemic and more people excersize at home it could be a great investment once the IPO hits.

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