2021 • The Mad Hedge Fund Trader - Insights

Done :v:t3:

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Most of these are obvious. MSFT, AAPL, GOOGL, AMZN, none of these companies are going anywhere in the next 10 years. Covid will be a history lesson before these companies see a genuine company-driven downturn.

Question is will they ooutperform the market on the whole? I think so - I’ve been buying MSFT and AAPL.

Alphabet make most of their money through ad spend, I imagine marketing budgets will be squeezed relative to the extent of the recession we have.

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And they have plenty of cash. This is why having money set aside is important. Good for strategic acquisitions. Stashed away just in case.

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40 minutes long and gives the exact process into The Mad Hedge Fund traders paid service. Forget about the paid service and simply watch to see how accurate this is, even by simply taking note from his free insights. He’s the reason I only held gold and cash in the run up in February.



:roll_of_toilet_paper: notes from the 8 April webinar

Thanks for sharing that video, @101.

“The toilet paper I ordered four week ago still hasn’t showed up. By the way, If you have any complaints about this webinar, please write it on the back of the roll of the Charmin 3-ply toilet paper and mail it to my office which you can find on my website.”

- “52 million people are in the process of losing their jobs”…“32% unemployment”:

- “Be careful… New York City is coming to a town near you.”

- A square-root shaped recovery. The era of funny multiples is over:

(Airbnb already had a massive downround.)

- “Most consumption hasn’t been lost, just deferred”:

- “Stocks are still expensive even at current levels since all companies have withdrawn earnings guidance”…

… “Big tech will lead every recovery, so will biotech and healthcare.”
… “Buy the next dip starting the next recoverty starting in the summer or the fall.”

- If there’s an (expected) spike in Covid-19 cases, there will be a drop to 12x earnings again:

- The bull market is in the coming months, here’s their view on S&P 500:

- Focus on the best NASDAQ-listed tech stocks - that index is expected to recover by the end of 2020 much strongs:

- Microsoft ($MSFT): the cloud

- Apple ($AAPL):

- Amazon ($AMZN):

- PayPal ($PYPL):

- Nvidia ($NVDA):

- Salesforce ($CRM) - apparently, a lot of businesses want cloud-based customer relationship tools now:

- Boeing ($BA) - probably a bailout at some point?:

- Hotels, cruises, theme parks + “Netflix” = Disney ($DIS):

- Bonds. (But most of us can’t trade bonds directly):

- Energy - avoid?

- QE (quantitative easing) “infinity” -> Gold rally

- Tesla ($TSLA) - “an investment sector of one”

This is the Mad Hedge Fund Trader’s first Tesla, which he took apart:

- But conditions for companies change every day - today’s big winner can become tomorrow’s big loser:

“The majority of individual traders lose money.”
(They never sell, so they do well.)

- Dow averages - repeating past trends but now we also have new tech

- New tech (software, hardware, biotech)

This is not an investment advice.


Whoa @engineer - This is amazing, you pieced together the webinar sooooo well. I’m actually really impressed. It’s great morale for the FreeTrade community.

I’ll deffo email a thanks to him for his free insights, they sure are valued over here :v:t3:


Amazing breakdown! Confirms to me where I want my entry points now going forward, just need to exercise patience which is my worst trait :smile:

Btw this is a podcast I listen to and they outline the future of ai, quantum computing, real estate and biotech. Naming who all the big players are and what infrastructure they are putting in place for “America 2.0” great for any long term investor :ok_hand:t3:

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Although the content is good and straight to the point (yet the market has reacted in the opposite direction each and every time), doing some DD on the dude, here is what i found on him, could not only find his career track record maybe someone could.




Thanks for the tip @ZZ33 . I’ll edit my post to remove the first paragraphs. Charisma can be a trait of bad and good people. Noone can predict the future and you have to do own (home)work.

If could be everything, it could be nothing.


Who this guy? From 2010:


Another one:

Is he any different from Jim Cramer on CNBC?

Sometimes even Jim has a great idea. Mostly, it’s (self) marketing.

Pleasure! The community is very good here and it doesnt deserve worst case scenarios.

It’s like most things, you take only what makes sense to you. I found through 2019 & the start of 2020, that his insights backed up certain aspects of what is currently happening. I personally would not pay & follow anybody’s exact advise though I 100% like to know the main events currently happening and he provides exactly that. Which is super helpful.

@engineer thanks so much. That was excellent.
My amazon shares are 15% in green. I cant decide whether to sell them with an impending drop or hold


That depends on your time horizon, doesn’t it?

Congrats - great company, great return.

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Pretty spot on with the “look for a ‘V’ with tech” insight on March 18.

Everyone chip in 10 quid for his paid advice :sweat_smile::thinking:


Just received a direct phone call from John Thomas - The Max Hedge Fund Trader. I asked a simple question to his company over a week ago and did not expect the man himself to call and chat for half an hour from Nevada. He also threw some insights on how he’s currently approaching the market (hint hint Dow between 18,000 & 23,000 for the foreseeable future)

He then randomly mentioned that the virus could be being tackled by viagra. Tomorrow’s news I guess.

As always, here’s today’s insights

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I assume he’s thinking that if we’re all popping viagra we’ll be more inclined to stay behind closed doors. :muscle:


Dating is hard during Covid-19.

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