🍾 2022 New Years resolutions 🍾

  1. Lose the pandemic pounds
  2. Lose the pandemic pounds



No Chocolate
No Crisps
No Investing in Companies based on history and/or trends.

Lose Weight (Not saying how much!)
Lose my poorly thought out investments … (awaiting ‘Green’ or nearly… to sell)

More Saving
More Investing in ‘Stable Companies’
More ETFs

& Generally more of a pre-retirement Get-A-Life-Plan.


Investing resolutions:
Set up standing order payments to Investment accounts and Pension (done).
No FOMO investments. Ask yourself why are you investing in this company? Are the reasons based on common sense or are you gambling?
Life Resolutions:
Last year i decided to stop consuming so much news and dropped all Social media and i will be sticking to it, i can not tell you how much better i feel about life since doing this, i look at the headlines when i get up and watch a small amount of TV news, i don’t go near newspapers and try to avoid any clickbait websites, which is hard but always try to ask what are the real reasons this is being written.
Try to do stuff i have never done before, be a bit more adventurous.


@Barbellion - I haven’t consumed the news for over 4 years now. I used to read it then watch it, often twice a day.

If I hear of something, I may check it out, or very occasionally watch it after a programme. Otherwise I don’t bother. I don’t think it’s entirely sensible but it certainly has made me more positive and I don’t feel “out of touch”.

I’m one of the weirdos who has never had social media ever, so I’m with you on that. My better half is cutting down on his too.


Love the harvesting vegetables goal. Just cleared my garden and thinking of doing this also.

Good luck with your goals too!


We’re going to be a svelt bunch if we can stick to these goals aren’t we!



I’ve been growing veg for years, love it. There is something very special about serving up dinner and all the veg on the plate was in the ground only a few hours before. Or minutes if it’s something like a stir fry… I’ve already sowed onion seed for this year.

My goal for the garden is to increase biodiversity. I’ve been working on this over the past couple of years and the front garden is next to work on. I’ll need to strip the turf and plant summer flowers. Sounds simple, but actually quite hard work. So it’ll be done a bit at a time.

Investment goals are to continue to increase investments by a steady amount every month. I’m working with £50 as a minimum amount as that fits with monthly budgeting. If it works out as planned, then I could have dividend income of over £100 by the end of the year.

Personal goals - I’m becoming more unhappy at work, so it’s either sort my head out, say something to the manager that’s causing the problem, or find another job.
I also want to see if I can get some of my writing published.

Disclaimer - These are not resolutions, they are goals, and I’m not going to beat myself up if they don’t work out.


I also want to see if I can get some of my writing published.

These all sound great. What do you write?

Stories! Fantasy and Sci-fi. I’ve been self published before, years ago, but it needs a more professional approach now I think. So, polishing up some short stories to submit for writing competitions, anthologies and the like. And working on polishing a longer piece for submitting as a full novel.