23 day, still no money deposited

I made a mistake and deposited money without a reference number. 23 days later and I still don’t have my money.

I’ve contacted money@freetrade.io several times but they’re just giving me the run around. How do I get my money back? Is the FCA my only choice now?

You don’t go to the FCA they don’t handle complaints.

You need to make a formal complaint to freetrade first, they must then acknowledge your complaint, they then have 8 weeks to resolve the issue. If your unhappy with the resolution or failed to get a response within the required time period then you can take your complaint to the financial ombudsman service.

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Thanks for the advice,poor show free trade unable to transfer money across after 23 days,trust is one one in the financial world,so good luck everybody keep trading.A true test of a company is when things have gone wronged and there ability or resolve to rectify them.

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Hello Eden, how did you resolve the issue?

Either fake account or gone elsewhere.

Only limited experience with customer care but extremely quick when have so calling b%$$ on story.