£236m savings firm collapse

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Yeah, Just because it’s low doesn’t mean it guaranteed to go up, and it doesn’t mean the dollar is guaranteed not to go up or down independently either, Forex is not that easy…


I would say that, albeit being possibly just a formality, it will be on the record. It might be relevant or not. But it will be on the record.

And unfortunately I think you’re right when you say

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Agree that sipps tend to be better than ISAs on most metrics, however it’s also worth remembering that if you exceede the lifetime allowance value of £1,030,000 then anything above that is taxed to the point that it negates any benefit you would have got from the tax deduction contributions.

Also when you do drawdown from your sipp post 55 then you will be eligible for income tax on it (after subtracting the 25% of the pot you can withdraw tax free).

Conversely an ISA is always going to be tax free, if you can get yourself in a situation where you are earning a solid income in dividends and capital gains then you will never pay a penny in tax on them.

It’s a case of horses for courses in my opinion, as well as how much you can invest each month and what your medium and longer term financial goals are. I don’t think it’s a bad idea to speak to a financial advisor about such things.

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