250 new US stocks have just dropped on your app 🚁

Yep me too, guessing everyone is hammering the app for the new stocks :smiley:

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App is very buggy & not loading

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Cant even buy other US stocks currently…

Love this! Any news on adding some of the cannabis stocks listed on NYSE or NASDAQ? Cronos, Aurora, Canopy Growth, etc.


Great news!

Same, but think is temporary.

Great stuff, keep it coming guys! Glad to see DG on there. Will wait patiently for Ryanair. ^^

The app is not loading up discovery for me.

Same here… can see the stocks but no data or ability to buy/sell. What a tease! Thanks though freetrade team, great to see more stocks coming inπŸ‘

Atlassian is not available in ISA, but you can find it in the Basic Account. :slightly_smiling_face:


Will all these stock be available in the ISA? Nio doesn’t appear to be in the ISA but is in the basic.

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No Livongo Health ?

About 20 of them are not ISA-eligible.

Wonderful, but I’m thinking now about how I’m going to handle my Watchlist :disappointed_relieved:

Why, tried to give it a google but couldn’t find an easy to understand web page on it?

Great to see these added!

One question: Was there anything specific about Realty Income Corp that meant it was left off this round of stocks to be added? I get that it’s a REIT, but Welltower was included as a US REIT, and I’m just curious what leads to some REITs getting added and others needing more time.

I’m assuming NIO is one of them? Could we have a list of the non-ISA eligible companies please?

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definitely replied to my own message then…don’t mind me

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I can only see A-H. Anyone else having issues?

Go to see all, (Big button at bottom of page) and click US stocks