2nd February 2021: $GME, $AMC, $NOK buys now enabled

Any reason why LGVW buy option isn’t working?

Sorry if I am missing something, but I see many stocks closed to buy. Wasn’t it just the ones mentioned?

do you have any orders set, like stop loss or limit sell?

It’s almost as if your money was never at risk. On Friday they only allowed to sell --maybe that was a sign to sell. Who;s at fault because people’s dopamine levels spiked and a lot of them didnt know what they were doing. I’d rather buy a bunch of PS5s. And Citadel and all these other dodgy megacorps have to answer because they control all the pipes for some reason.

High frequency trading is about buying faster and selling to your buy order than you can blink your eye… MAn vs machines… I think Neo is taking a break in this matrix.

Absolutely but that’s not why the reddit lot have been pumping it. It’s a short squeeze target but makes absolutely no sense to me due to it being shorted to only 1.1% of the float

The high frequency trades are going between two parties. Same as the short being listed as 55% when it’s actually a combined of held stock and long shorts. So the true short is still 122%. Not sure about the matrix reference.


Its just jokes. Its like the whole equities thing is a simulation run by machine algos we dont know about and we’re just pawns. Neo is nowhere to be found.

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Haha, got you.

Has anyone else seen other stocks in this condition of restriction?

I sent a message to FT customer service asking about it. but I’m afraid they’ll take a long time to answer me.

someone was ahead of me.

“the matrix has you” :laughing:



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Amazing. Thank you!

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Four years ago it was T+3. Robinhood reckon there is no reason it can’t happen in real-time.

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They’re open again if anyone is trying to buy the dip :blush:


There’s still a few stocks – not hype related – that can’t be bought. Two I tried to buy, but still can’t, are DM and AFRM. The buy button is greyed out. Hopefully this can be sorted ASAP.

Thanks FreeTrade for getting things going again :slight_smile:. I bought the dip but unfortunately I’m largely tapped out at this point. I’m only putting in what I can afford to lose.

I’d love to buy a bit more but the 2x market price restriction on limit sell orders is no good for taking advantage of volatility.

Will this be addressed? (And soon… There’s a possible squeeze in the works… You might have heard? :stuck_out_tongue: )

Point72 will probably bail out Drivewealth because they’re an investor.

The same Point72 that helped Malvin after a terrible GME short.

DTCC and NSCC … who’s behind the latter? Some brokerages and self regulation GameStop: Robinhood CEO says NSCC demanded $3BN security | Daily Mail Online

I noticed this and was in doubt that this was a issue with the app. I was trying to buy AFRM.

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