2X more UK stocks 🇬🇧

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Here are this week’s new stocks:

Amerisur Resources - Oil & gas exploration :oil_drum:

:star: Bushveld Minerals (Community request) - £BMN - Low cost mining and processing firm.

:star: Hutchison China MediTech (Community request) - HCM - pharmaceutical manufacturing company.

:star: ITM Power (Community request) - ITM - clean energy company focused on hydrogen production

Naked Wines - £WINE - wine delivery company :wine_glass: :articulated_lorry:

Let us know what you think!


Some of these stocks have only 1 /2 votes how come they added before Bidstack group which has 12? Thanks


Not so great batch to be honest.


Please please more ETF’s :pray:???

Recent stocks seem pretty random.


For operational reasons, we prioritise stocks with higher trading volume.

Votes play a big role though, and we are absolutely working on adding them as well.

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Which stock or ETFs are you looking forward to the most?

There are some heavily voted on ones in the forum. Shall I go digging ? :grinning::+1:t3:

If they have a relatively low trading volume or if they are nationality declaration stocks, we can’t add them just yet. For US stocks, we are going to add a high number of them after the upcoming platform migration. Otherwise, do dig and hold us to task!

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I’m very pleased to see ITM power - thanks!

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How about this one next week :wink:


Great to hear that! :pray:

Why, what is it?

Had a decent month / year

It is massively over valued though!

It did. That’s why I decided I’d wait for a dip.

More than that, it doesn’t have a PE ratio because it doesn’t pay a dividend and has never made a profit.

I’m staying well away!


How about a GBP hedged global bond such as iShares AGBP or Vanguard VAGP?


Scroll down there is a topic that could use your vote!

I’d be surprised if we hadn’t evaluated them before, but we will look again. :+1:


Hi folks, thanks for all the suggestions for new stocks and ETFs you’d like to see added.

I’m afraid there’s been a technical delay adding this week’s new stocks, and they’ll be added on Monday.