3 x Leveraged US ETFs

(JD79) #1

It would be great to add 3 x leveraged US ETFs is this something you will do?
I trade these regularly on a short timeframe.

You could add;
SPXL (tracks S&P 500)
SPXU (tracks S&P 500 short)
TNA (tracks IWM)
TZA (tracks IWM short)

(Simran Cashyap) #2

Good to hear that you actively use these, you’re a braver man than I :wink:

Although potentially very lucrative, leveraged ETFs can be a bit of a nightmare if you don’t fully understand them properly. If they get added, we need to help warn / support beginner investors, before they can buy them.

(JD79) #3

Correct it has to suit your trading style.
For me these trades can last from a day to a couple of weeks max.