3 x Rize ETFs are live 🍜 10th June 2021

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As we continue to explore new stocks and ETFs we can add to your app, we’re pleased to add three brand new Rize thematic ETFs today:

Rize Education Tech & Digital Learning ETF - £LRNG
This ETF invests in companies that could benefit from the increased adoption of digital and lifelong learning technologies.

Rize Sustainable Future of Food ETF - £FOGB
This ETF provides exposure to companies trying to accelerate the transition to more sustainable food production systems and consumption patterns.

Rize Cybersecurity Data Privacy ETF - £CYBP
This ETF provides exposure to companies that potentially stand to benefit from the increased adoption of cybersecurity products and services.

Let us know what you think about the batch and which ETFs you’d like to see us add next.




🙇‍♂️ keep them ETFs coming!


I’d probably wave this one in front of JBS and Colonial Pipeline. :joy:

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I would like to think FOGB would do well in the future :+1:

We’ll do our best as always, yes!

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The ongoing fees seem a little bit heftier than other etf’s i’ve looked at, but I do like look of FOGB.

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What do people think of £CYPB compared to the L&G option currently on Freetrade?

Looks like a lot of overlap but the L&G ETF seems to have a larger allocation to bigger, more traditional companies?

Actually, TER of 0.45% for a topical ETF is rather on the cheaper side.


I see what you mean now, I should have compared against more similar ETF’s.

And this is from someone who put money into UKW (which has a higher fee) :man_facepalming:


There’s also the ‘Rize Medical Cannabis and Life Sciences ETF’ - £FLWG


Glad to have more ETFs thanks, but I’m a bit confused as to why these were added over something highly requested like V3AM. In the past it sounded like there was some kind of volume (50 trades/day?) or liquidity (??) threshold, yet these have lower volumes and similar liquidity.

I’d be nice to know what the actual constraints are so people don’t waste their time recommending things that Freetrade are either unable or unwilling to add.


Thank you! I really wanted this one. I prefer this one over ISPY due to the lower expense ratio.

Cameron, this is a test of a new approach the team has been working on behind the scenes, to see if we can provide more liquidity ETFs and a good experience. If it works, we’ll add more.

The best is if you continue to recommend what you want, because that’s what helps us figure out what’s popular and work on the the hard-to-implement stuff.

@Viktor so how far away is V3AM, just out of interest?

Our interview with interview Rize ETF Co-Founder Jason Kennard is now live:

You can also read a transcript of the interview here:

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