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Pretty much Invented 3d Printing back in the 1980’s

I have some of these in my HL account, so I need them in freetrade if I’m going to migrate fully.

Up over 100% today! They’ve been bumbling along doing nothing for months, glad i didn’t sell

They are in the app BTW, so someone can get rid of that vote thing

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Great job holding Dave. How do you see this going forwarder did you sell ? I bought at 20 on Thursday. Still holding. Hoping it gets +30 again

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I sold about 1/3 of them when it hit $29. Gonna hold onto the rest long term I think, unless they go silly like they did in 2013

I trimmed this back at $29 because it had become my largest position, it’s now my largest position again. It’s flying again today

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