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3M’s in the app already :tada:

Morning everyone! I’ve posted my new blog post on the other thread but I thought it would be good to post it on the specific 3M thread. Any comments and feedback would be great as always! Who else is interested in 3M as a company?

To read my full analysis on, hop onto :arrow_down:

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MMM share price has been falling for quite some time. I have some but it’s one of my worst performers. The dividend hasn’t made up for the falling share price

It is profitable though. Not sure of the reason for the poor performance

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Yeah that’s a bit of a strange one. I don’t own 3M yet but when it gets to the price I’m happy with I’ll be buying.

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I’m not an investor, but I thought they would be doing well because they were manufacturing face masks?

Anyone knows why the dip? I’m always up for a bargain.

The demand tide would lift all boats. In theory! See Etsy.

Perhaps instead of looking to belittle other community members you could change your responses from such retorical statements above and respond with something as simple as “Face masks are a relitively small part of their business and are low margin. Perhaps there are other areas such as their exposure to the ongoing and increasing US China trade tensions which are causing the dip.” What do you think bud? Think you could manage that?

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