450 brand new stocks 🚀 7th OCTOBER 20

Will we get them today before close? :no_mouth:

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No ETFs today, but a monster new batch on the way, slightly delayed but will be with you later and certainly in plenty of time to browse before UK market open tomorrow.

And we say ‘monster batch’, we really mean it:

Screenshot 2020-10-15 at 14.55.10

We’re also prepping lots more ETFs, so keep the requests coming!


We should have a guess at how many zeros are on this monster batch…

1000000 new stocks :rofl: maybe not quite the at many

I’m going to guess 3000

I’ll go for 700. That would be impressive. 3000 would be a hell of a lot in one week!

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Syros Pharmaceuticals (SYRS) please

I can dream :thought_balloon:

This is where we find out @sampoullain actually means monster themed companies because it’s Halloween :jack_o_lantern:


I’m afraid they’re not in this week’s batch, but we’ll look into adding them (and all other suggestions here).

This is a legitimate time I can use the word ‘soon’!


Did $AGNC make it this week?

It’s in the monster batch :white_check_mark:

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such a beautiful gift, thank you! :innocent:

You deserve it. :innocent:


New stocks are live where is the list :rofl:

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So I’m curious. How many stocks were in this monster batch?!

(Thought you would have waited till Halloween for a monster batch)

Hurrah! Ixico has arrived!!

Wow, I am a happy man. Its time to crack a bottle open. I haven’t even seen the list but on searches alone I am amazed. I can kiss goodbye to DEGIRO now. Great work all, Thanks.


Hi Sam - is Orchard Therapeutics in it? Is the full list available for a glance through? Many thanks.

Nope it’s not I’m afraid.

Full list here from the monster batch!

I asked and you delivered Gear4Music - thanks @Viktor :slight_smile: