A good dividend payment tracker?

Anyone know of a good dividend payment tracker and are willing to share?

I’ve just been invited onto Propellor, this looks great for those who love dividends thus far!

@anon810895 May I ask when you’ve been invited and how long did you wait? Still waiting for my invite, it looks interesting

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Some more information about “Propellor”? i could not find anything online

Have you tried this?

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Think I joined the waiting list in November??

At the moment it’s a little bare bones, but you input what companies you’ve bought and what shares you have and it tells you the current yield and in another page works out the ex div and payment dates for you and lists them in chronological order.


I just registered and waiting, from what you guys say this will take some time :confused:

Another good one is dividendmax. It’s kind of on the expensive end, but it’s good. You can use it free as well, but its functionality is limited.

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It’s hard to find something that can deal with the complexities of the UK markets. I’ve previously tried using WeBull for portfolio tracking, but they can’t display clearly if a stock is quoted in GBX or GBP, making entering transactions a right PITA.

Come across this app on Google play store called dividend tracker.