tl;dr - I’m not sad, I’m just disappointed plus I need to read more about the offering

I feel as though people are going to be hungry around midday at Freetrade HQ today because AJ Hell just ate their lunch. People have been crying out for FT to offer LISAs and JISAs have years now but they’re still not here.

I understand FT have been concentrating on European expansion instead and I’m sure they have their reasons for prioritising that but from the outside looking in, it feels like a mistake.

Even if AJ Hell works out cheaper I’ll still be moving my LISA to Freetrade in the future, if they ever get around to offering it, purely because AJ Hell have been so awful. In the meantime, I’ll try and move my existing AJ Hell LISA to this cheaper Dodl thing… why do I already have a feeling that it’s going to be a nightmare to do that, or maybe even impossible?

My worry is that those out there who don’t know just how utter crap AJ Hell is will jump on to this new platform with this LISAs (do they do JISAs too?) and Freetrade will lose out on those people as customers for the lifetime of their LISAs… and that’s sad.


The bulk of my investments still in AJ Bell are in my SIPP - if I were able to move it from existing SIPP to cheaper Dodl SIPP (if that were available), I will save around £40 a year in fees, but not sure that’s enough of an incentive to go through the mess of it being transferred.

Good play by AJ Bell with their existing LISAs and JISAs - I do feel Freetrade have been caught asleep at the wheel on this.


AJ Bell will be ideal for new entrants with smaller amounts.

Thing that’s bugging me about Freetrade is the ability to screen for stocks in the app.

Nothing has changed in the app for months and filtering through the thousands of stocks/investments is cumbersome with tiny data.

£9.99 a month now seems rather expensive compared to 0.15% for what could be the same functionality and concentrated stocks.


Will depend on the range available, but in theory 0.15% charge means AJ Bell is cheaper than Freetrade for an ISA if you have less than £24,000 in your account. Interesting move, probably with Freetrade and their crowdfunding a catalyst. Competition is good!

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Lloyds are at it now, just had an email, offering their ISA and GIA for £36 admin fee a year!!! Who next???
Not sure if there are dealing fees though, can’t be bothered to look at the old encumbants.


Nudge nudge

@mynameisgeraint any chance of a merge?


Regular AJ Bell is so rubbish I doubt they can execute a compelling app. It still should put FT on notice to get their ass in gear and ship LISAs, autopilot, crypto etc. competition is heating up.


with three of the Vanguard Lifestrategy funds available to give this popular multi-asset option – in 40 per cent, 60 per cent and 80 per cent equity formats.

This could swing it for people wanting to invest in Vanguard’s Lifestrategy funds.

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(Image 1 description: Dodl, by AJ Bell logo, a new commission-free investing app, white sans serif text on light purple background)

(Image 2 description: Logo of Doddle, a parcel services company, purple sans serif text on white background with an oversized square full stop)

Could have picked a better name?


Revolut also started with a low % annual charge before increasing it.

Similar colour and name to Dabbl!


So similar in name :rofl: Is there a reason I am missing for the similarity?

That’s been on the way for a while, assuming they are in line with Halifax Sharedealing (which I believe Lloyds own).


This is my magnum opus. The greatest post I’ve ever made anywhere on the internet and you’re all witnessing it right here.

Andy Bell, if you’re seeing this and you like it then call me yeah? We can have a chat about my terrible LISA experience and you can make me an offer for buying this logo from me.


Give yourself a (cow)pat on the back! :cow2:


I am 100% here for this kind of pettiness! 100%!


It seems maybe a few years ago? something happened to the human race, like we collectively had parts of our brains removed that inhibited our ability to not come up with utterly stupid names.

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We just ran out of good dictionary word domain names so now you pick the word you want and hack some of the vowls out of it and voila, you have your company name and domain name!

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You’d think we’d have gotten past the idea that you need a .com for everything. Just steal someone else’s domain when they forget to grab it, that’s why I did :smiley:

I think they all just try to be the next made up word like google or twitter, but fail. miserably. its not like they couldn’t make up a new pronounceable made up word.

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I really hope FT take notice of what AJB are offering and move out of first gear on other product offerings outside of ISA’a and SIPPs