A Share a to buy for my child

Hello, I’m due to have my first child ( probably only one too) in the next few weeks. And I’m going to invest/ buy them three gifts. Gold, diamond and a share. I will be spending about £250 each on the gold and diamond. And would like suggestions of a share to buy for about the same price.

I’d buy one whose ticker is the same as his initials. Unless his initials will be GME or AMC.


MSFT is ~$240

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Gold - GGP
Diamonds no idea - maybe go for an etf like EQQQ for tech exposure
One share. I’d split this. ARB is crypto moner and will be volatile but could be a good long term play.

EQQQ is a good shout and around £250

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This is such a cute idea!

@Rollingskies I think Nathan wants to buy physical gold, physical silver and 1 share

Obviously, you’d want a company that will be around at least 20 years from now. I think Disney (~$170) is popular for these type of purchases. Remember that you can buy fractional shares for the value of £250, so you don’t need to buy a full share if the amount is critical.

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I think buying Disney for a child is the only way to go. They can own a piece of Micky, Elsa, Moana, and as they get older they can say they own Iron man, Spiderman and Luke Skywalker.


Just transfer £250 of your Freetrade shares to them! That will be a lovely present to receive in 2040.

Or invest £10 in 25 different crowdfunds on their behalf. Would not only give them shares in early stage businesses but you could also document the company updates to provide a real life financial education textbook to learn from when they are old enough. Who knows, by the time they are 18 some of the crowd businesses may have finally exited :upside_down_face: (chortle)

Also, unpopular opinion but diamonds are pretty but unless you are the dealer they are not good value. Walk back in the dealer’s door after legal consumer rights have expired and they will offer you £25 for the same £250 diamond. Buy a 10oz silver bar, that is just as pretty but will hold onto the purchasing power. In 2040 you’d be able to swap it for the latest games.console (which would be totally amazing i can imagine) whereas the diamond would be completely worthless. Just imho…


S&P Technology ETF or NASDAQ or Baillie Gifford US Growth Trust.

Not a bad shout if you’re looking to hold for 20-30 years.

Good idea . Don’t know what we are having yet so it’s name is still undecided. But I like that idea .

Yeah your right. Somebody else has mentioned Disney. I like the idea of a Disney stock .

Also consider a JISA. Worth voting on the JISA thread and when FT sort one out you could transfer. I have one with Wealthify but there are loads around.


Yeah think we are going to open one of them.

Lovely idea! All the best for the future!

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£250 of SMT or EWI perhaps. Investment trusts. Focused, but still a level of diversification.

Buy a UK healthcare company with option to reinvest the dividends. GSK will be spilt into two and takeover target for the big fish. Good buy on current weakness. Another option is Smith and Nephews (SN.), people live longer and need joints replacements. A COVID recovery certainty.

Just an update. I had a girl in February Called Dorothy Winnie Reynard and I have bought her a Disney share so far and set up a junior ISA with wealthify


Congratulations to you, your partner, and the youngest investor on Freetrade!


Haha how random my little girl is 16 months now and I have done exactly the same for her!

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Congratulations. Thought about other shares but it has to be Disney while their young.