About the AIM market

Wait…if ganfeng are getting these deals, where does that leave bacanora though? :grimacing:

It’s great for Bacanora. Means they have a guaranteed buyer for up to 50% of the off take.


Bacanora supply the lithium mate


My view on AIM is that its the Casino of the stock markets. Lots of good quality companies but your chances of finding them are slim & will consume so much of your time.

Unless you see absolutely no value available in the main market I wouldn’t even spend your time looking at the companies on AIM.

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Having worked for two companies that have listed on AIM ahead of moving into the FTSE 100, I’d say that AIM companies are fine, but just be a bit more careful with them. They are a bit more risky due to the smaller revenue levels, but if they are well run and in a good market, then there are good gains to be made as they grow. I’m happy with AIM companies and I’m currently invested in one. However, I do tend to look at them a bit more closely in terms of the management team, balance sheet, cash flow, growth plans, etc.

Onwards and upwards…



I am invested in Bacanora as well as Bushveld Minerals, if you’re into EV investment. I am reading recently that lithium production is limited for said purposes. As always DYOR as I always do. Good luck.

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Any good articles about Lithium companies?

Well let’s just say my Bushveld investment is doing way better than my Bacanora!

I’m holding both of those too! Hopefully they have bright futures ahead.


Yes, for all you men out there who think women have no idea about investment. Let me tell you I paid my mortgage off age 39, moved abroad and lived off interest for 8 years. Returned to the UK and bought my current property for cash and now I’m a newbie in the stocks and shares market. I have no debt and loving life. It can be done, so let’s have more women doing the same. Girl power!!


Do you prefer to read or watch a video?

Sven Carlin has pretty much researched the full sector:

This is the opening of the series, there’s individual videos on most of the major players.


Videos are great. Thank you.

More great news :+1:

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Nice, what have you been investing in all these years if you’ve only recently started investing in stocks and shares?

Nothing per se. I owned my property for 5 years and sold at the peak in 2007 gaining a six figure sum profit, after paying off my small mortgage. One instance where ‘timing the market’ did prove lucrative :blush:.

I have a private plate on my car which I bought for £80 in 2005 and it’s recently been valued at £470. I didn’t acknowledge at the time the potential increase in value but it’s food for thought… I also now am a rare coin collector.

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Sorry, I must have missed the beginning of the conversation, but did someone say anything against female investors? :stuck_out_tongue:

If I answer this in the way I want to it’ll turn into a ‘popcorn moment’ so I’ll save you from the humiliation… :stuck_out_tongue_winking_eye::joy:

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Can rare coins increase in value then? What’s the best ones to collect?

Why would I be humiliated by your response? I wasn’t even part of the initial conversation, so I doubt you can humiliate me much by your opinion :slight_smile: