Abra | Fractional Shares ๐Ÿ“ˆ


Join the waitlist (bumps me up the queue): http://www.abra.com/eq?kid=W7AQZ

Founderโ€™s blog explains how this works:

Forbes article really comprehensive too:

Had no complaints using Abra to date (its a great cryptocurrency app) and I intend to use to this fractional share exposure feature as a stop gap up until real fractional shares are offered by Freetrade.
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I look forward to seeing this launch. Pegging credible cryptocurrencies to anything has been a major challenge so far so Iโ€™ll be impressed to see them pull this off.


Cheers to those who used my link so far

Learn more about Abra here:

Spotify podcast link (fascinating listen):


Found an interesting talk about this:


Enjoyed that! Great coverage; nice round up in a shorter time frame than the podcast :studio_microphone: