Abrdn - ABDN

A global investment giant. They offer long-term savings and investment products to commercial and individual customers in Europe and Asia.

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I hope Aberdeen’s new name, an anagram of brand, the devowelled ABRDN, doesn’t become ‘a burden’ for them.


@BobbyH :rofl:

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I can’t believe so many got worked up in the news about the branding as it seems to have done the exact job it was intended to do :joy: :+1:

The AGM took place today. From what I saw abrdn got a mandate to buy ii.

Do you think ii will be a positive move/investment for abrdn?

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Interesting move…



Deepest apologies, I didn’t scour every other thread (I’ve now found one reference in a general ‘Competitors’ discussion 2 hrs ago), and it didn’t throw up any results on the search function, including that I’ve just mentioned.

Back to the shadows for me to mind my own business :worried:

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Don’t worry mate. Don’t take the comment too seriously, I think it was just banter. :wink:
Interesting new topics are always welcome.

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Cheers buddy. I presumed it was but decided to jump into ‘I’m offended’ mode on the off chance it wasn’t :thinking:. Got me wading back through all of today’s threads though :face_with_monocle: !!

Back on topic, could be a positive for Freetrade. Integrating into a large legacy business is rarely easy, cheap or to the benefit of the existing customer base, who may seek a new home. Spending many millions on a widely ridiculed rebrand hasn’t exactly helped to reenergise the Abrdn/SL share price…


Could also be bad as II is far too complex a structure to use for many. If ABrdn simplify it they may actually gain a lot more customers as they offer a good range.

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Some good detail on the deal here: Proposed acquisition of interactive investor | abrdn

The vote has gone out. Will it be a good move for this company to buy it?

£55 billion AUA. Its customer profile is very different from Freetrades.

$ABDN expected to be relegated out of FTSE100

At the time of the merger their combined market value was more than £11bn but that has since fallen to £3.2bn while the company has faced persistent investor outflows and struggled to integrate its back-end systems for years after the deal.

I think retail investors, of the type that use Freetrade as a broker etc, should take note of the following comment:

“Many active fund managers make a good living attempting to pre-empt index announcements, and by the time you have heard about the potential deletion or inclusion it will likely be too late to take advantage of the news,” he said.


Article in the telegraph today is scathing of the management performance and potential solutions are to break up the group or sell as a whole.

Not good news for the shares that they are being heavily shorted

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Adverse market and client defections hammer Abrdn


Dividend arrived today, on time.

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