Account management improvements

I didn’t see anything specific on this type of stuff for ideas for changes.

I had to open a chat request to have my address changed which took 24 hours to give them the info, and up to 2 days to change.

I have a couple of suggestions which I think would be nice.

I think it would be good to have some way to edit your account profile to update information such as address in app, email without requiring customer support. No one else really does this manual intervention anymore.

Additionally I was asked for proof of address, though this is not needed by bank accounts anymore, they all allow you to change your address in app without verification. So this additional hurdle (not mentioned in the faq) seems unnecessary as it verified nothing.

In regards to linked back account. It would be nice to have this a little more streamlined.

As an example of one way I think works well, Marcus savings account allows you to upload bank info directly when you go to change your details, this is presumably checked then updated in your account, but it’s far more streamlined than opening a ticket in Freetrade as well as being more visible and very clear on how to provide new details.

R&D with FreeTrade can be a bit long in the tooth. And some of the new Beta introductions FT has introduced has been a bit…dodgy if being honest (graphs/charts/metrics anyone?).

Far more profitable to FT would be aquisitions of tried and tested apps rather than develop. Would love to see FT backed investors outright purchasing Seeking Alpha or DividendMax.

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What’s the price?

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