Account profile will NOT create

I signed up to freetrade a while back, 0 problems. But my girlfriend went to make an account this week, and its stuck on the “Creating your profile” screen. It keeps loading but nothing is happening to the screen.

Anyone have a fix for this?

Email support at

Also clear the app data and cache on your phone or try another device, tablet, old phone etc

Greetings and welcome @CryptCardsUK Make sure your phone is fully charged. Looks like you have a low battery. Also is mobile signal good?

Have sent an email, but yes all of the above has been tried and nothing worked yet.

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Yep even fully charged it will not work, and mobile signal is full bars. Have tried on both wifi and 4g too, still not loading. But the account is created as we can see it on someones shared link for free shares.


Hi @CryptCardsUK welcome to the forum.

If you get the account working would you mind sharing your girlfriends user number? They’re not used in any account related activity but help us track new user sign up and growth.

This thread has over 3000 comments and if you could help us all out we’d be forever in your debt!