Account Statements & Data Exporting - What formats would you want to see?

Last year I got a PDF of a spreadsheet. :man_facepalming:

I once caught someone taking multiple screenshots of a PDF to save it as a PDF. :no_mouth:

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That reminds me of some my less digitally capable colleagues who, whenever they needed a PDF of an Office document, would print their off document and scan it as a PDF rather than use the option save as PDF. (Even after showing them they continued to do it this way)

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Actually, my friend was just telling me about a situation like this. HR send him a letter to give to his staff after he’s approved it, but will only send the PDF with the cover letter and document together in one file. So he has to print it out and scan just the one page because they won’t let him buy a licence for Acrobat and won’t send him it as two files.

Their alternative solution (that they actually did instead): they print it out and post it to his office instead, so he had to drive to pick it up as well.

couldn’t he just open the document with google docs by using it’s OCR built-in feature?, and go from there to create a .pdf?!

It’s a legal document from HR, I suspect there are policies that prevent him uploading these documents anywhere. He’s also not allowed to install any software on the work laptop.

he’s not allowed to open google chrome, search and open google docs, open the file and convert it on his work laptop?!

I guess there are circumstances where confidentiality, security, privacy and/or secrecy is paramount, even at the expense of efficiency, but for the vast majority of us it’s just fine.

I hope the time he (over)spends comes out of HR’s budget

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I know this is missing the point you’re making, but he wouldn’t even be allowed to install Chrome on his laptop. But no, uploading company documents to anywhere other than his work servers would not be permitted, no matter how safe he himself might think Google is.

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omg :woman_shrugging:

Hi @simonpoole - appreciate Christmas was not attainable. But, it’s mid-April now - a new financial year. It’s frustrating that, I can’t even download my transactions in basic csv format, which I can then summarize my way.
I think, it’s about time you give us a bit more update on the progress to date if any, and a realistic ETA when we could actually see some output.


@simonpoole It has been a long wait still it is not possible to export the transaction :frowning_face:
In my opinion, this feature should have been a high priority as it helps the customer most.

Trading 212 has a good implementation where on clinking the export, they send the email with CSV file attached with following columns. Hope this helps in designing the solution.

No. of shares
Price / share
Currency (Price / share)
Exchange rate
Result (GBP)
Total (GBP)
Withholding tax
Currency (Withholding tax)
Charge amount (GBP)
Stamp duty (GBP)
Transaction fee (GBP)
Finra fee (GBP)

Having the data in CSV format would simplify importing data into 3rd party portfolio management tools


@simonpoole I just had a .csv file through and it is still a mess - please please get this prioritized and improved - It’s a major niggle for customer experience. I cannot accurately manage my portfolio without this. :pleading_face:


Reports in pdf, data in CSV.
Most people could probably handle it from there in Excel or similar.


Even csv now PDF’s later would help

I am having a headache going through all my buys and sells. which I mostly buy from the top and hold like a huge holdall anyway. Please have a way to export the transactions.

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Can we please get an update about what is the plan regarding data export?
This is getting ridiculous!