Account under review for a week and a half now

My account has been under review for a week and a half now and no one has even looked at my messages sent in app to the help team not even opened the messaes I sent. Can one of the staff team please contact me.

In the nicest possible way, people asking them to contact them here will slow down them getting on top of the backlog. Forum accounts aren’t linked to your :freetrade: account and as much as I’m sure it’s frustrating, it’s better for everyone if you’re patient. They’ve said they’re making progress. Just hang in there.

Every one is being patient but 2 weeks to open an account is a little more than patien. Its getting to the point where others are leaving the platform due to the lenght of time its taking to even send a message saying there is a back log instead you’re left taunted with “1 Day Response time” and a foot not that says “1 week ago not seen”

Agree with everything you say James
I’m in the same boat, still unable to sign up just glad it’s not my finances I’m chasing up about