Actively managing previous tax years S&S ISA

Hi all,

I currently have an S&S ISA with T212 for the tax year 20/21 but I don’t intend to continue with them. I want to open a new S&S ISA with Freetrade for tax year 21/22 my question is can I still actively manage the stocks I have with T212 i.e. sell any of the existing shares I have there and if I made profits from the sale buy new shares of a different company?

I won’t be making any new deposits into T212 and the only money I will be depositing for the tax year 21/22 is into my Freetrade S&S ISA

Is this allowed?

You’ll be able to do anything you like with the previous year ISA except for paying in new money. You can buy, sell and trade in the old ISA as long as it stays there as available cash or shares. If you withdraw the cash then you can’t put it back so just keep it all in the wrapper.


Thanks for clarifying