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I agree. Also, I think it depends on what’s in ATVI’s game pipeline, how badly it was affected with several titles from various developers and published postponed already, including old games ported to new consoles (e.g. Switch).

Content-making industries without the platform lock-in, such as Netflix, are kind of “cyclical” and, like the music industry, have hits and misses. (This is probably why some titles have not been made available on Steam at first - Valve have a lot of power.)

Fortnite could be hot now but their next season is postponed already and maybe it will be “replaced” by a non-Epic Games-made/produced title. And some popular streamers can jump to another game they like - and they have large followings. Then, there’s a question of how do they (ethically) monitise their users, since a bunch of most popular titles are kind of free.

ATVI were already struggling not long ago with layoffs which caught media attention.

Will they be able to capture the gamers attention with the new OverWatch, etc when there’re so many games and videos to play and watch?

The attention economy is hard. I reckon a lot of gamers are casual users, so they can choose between YouTube and Animal Crossings.

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Earnings call on 5 May. Activision will probably post some eye-popping engagement and audience numbers.


BlizzCon 2021… Thoughts?

I’m interested to see their monetization approach to Overwatch 2 (i.e. will we see a battle pass?)

ATVI at all time highs today on the back of Call of Duty pandemic earnings.


So I bought just the other day… I have to assume they’ll not make the same mistakes as last Blizzcon.

What happened last time? Hopefully some exciting news today and over the weekend although I know the 2 main titles are delayed.

Wasn’t last time the “don’t you guys have phones?” when it came to Diablo immortal.

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lol I didn’t watch the last one but damn thats huge.

:poop:Games, :poop: leadership, :poop: company

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So you highly recommended stock? :joy:

Many companies that, let’s be polite and call them a detriment to society, can be potentially good investments. Not sure AB is one of those though.

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