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If the US already takes a share, do we still have to pay tax in the UK?

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If you hold your shares in an ISA then there is no US or UK tax due on the sale of your shares.

Thanks, and what are the implications if they’re held in a normal non-ISA Freetrade investment account?

If tax is deducted by the US, the worst case you will be in is you will have to pay the difference in the tax if your marginal rate is higher than the amount deducted.

Edit: was thinking Income tax, but this should be CGT. As far as I know, there should be no overseas CGT (or equivalent) deducted when selling US shares, so the gain will be subject to CGT. If your total capital gain for the year exceeds the CGT exemption of £12,300. Then tax will be 10% at basic rate or 20% at higher or additional rate. But it’s only tax on the increase in value not the entire proceeds.