Activity Filters

  • Filter by ticker
  • Filter by market
  • Dividends should show ticker e.g. for Apple it could show “Apple | AAPL - US market” or at least make it clickable to show more information, e.g. the information that’s included in the email + Ticker
  • Ability to click through from ticker to filtered activity feed to see full history of specific ticker (i think this is already available on iOS?)
  • When viewing/filtering a ticker, history should include dividends
  • Filter by dates, don’t limit to 90 days or anything either like every other app does, it’s not helpful
  • Plan charges should appear here too and be filterable, e.g. £3/m for ISA or £9.99/m for Plus

To echo the above, export button - export needs to include all activity details too, e.g. no of shares, price, currency etc… (everything you’d see on a contract note).

Agree with Han that ISA transfers should appear too

Slightly off topic, on contract notes, can the title area be made clickable to take you to the ticker page or at least show the ticker on the contract note, not just the title

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Thanks for all the feedback!

@Han Yes, good point. This is something we’re aware of and will be looking to fix but is unfortunately a much bigger piece of work so we wanted to release this in the meantime.

@JimmyJ just FYI you can see the buy orders for a certain stock when you tap into that stock (say from the Portfolio screen).

If you were already aware of this/would still like to see it on the activity screen, we’d love to know a little more about how you’d be using it (e.g. is it to pull numbers out into a spreadsheet, to see how regularly you’ve been investing, simply out of interest, something else?).

@saf I absolutely hear you on the activity exports feature. The team are well aware of the importance of this. The work required for it is being scoped out and while I can’t provide a timeline please rest assured that it is very high on our list. I hope the activity feed filtering can be of some use in the meantime.

@BobC Dividends will be clickable very soon; we’re working on this. The data won’t be backfilled, but for dividends you receive going forward you’ll be able to see tax, fx etc. when clicking into it.

On making contract notes clickable, that’s a good idea and something I’ve discussed with the team previously. We’ll look into this more closely, watch this space :eyes:

I’ll discuss date and stock filtering with the team, along with better surfacing the history relating to specific stocks. Just so I have all the context, why would you be looking to filter by market?


Thanks for responding @FrancisH. Aparently you can only see all orders on the iOS version of the App. On the android version, you only have the 5 most recent buy/sell orders. I do like to see what i’ve been investing over time and keeping track of the amounts i invest, so having to go through the activity feed makes it more time consuming.

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