Adam has stepped down

Just saw on Twitter Adam is being replaced with Viktor.

This should get the forum talking…


That’s an unexpected news day!

@adam thank you for the opportunity to invest in an exciting start up over the years. Enjoy the farm.

I’m sure @Viktor is more than capable and looking forward to the challenge and I know I for one, would love the opportunity to join a new investor q and a @acamp


Enjoy the downtime @adam , fantastic achievement to take Freetrade from an idea to a profitable company worth hundreds of millions.

Its comforting to see you will remain on the board, so you can continue representing us ordinary shareholders (crowdfunders).

Also keen to hear from Viktor & what comes next for Freetrade!


Hopefully members of the freetrade team can reach out sooner rather than later. I can imagine though that this may come of a shock to some in the office but having Viktor take over the helm should see stability in the short term.

We’ll get something out to crowdfunders and the community in the next day or so! We were focused (as you can imagine) on communicating internally about this with staff.


Hi @acamp that doesn’t cut it anymore with me. Once again crowdfunders are treated like an afterthought.

I’m pleased @adam has taken the decision to step back for the sake of his family. I’d like to wish him all the best, spending time with family is the most rewarding thing one can do, I’m my experience

I also wish to thank him for his vision, dedication and drive over the years. The true effort and toll are something most of us could never imagine.

Best wishes to @Viktor in the new role. Big shoes to fill but we all know he will do great.


Doesnt look good when the Captain leaves the ship … :ship:…just a gut reaction… A detailed reason would help calm the waters…However Viktor seems driven and beyond capable … I like him…

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I’d say it’s not uncommon for founders to take a step back for a number of reasons when they reach certain sizes and need different skill sets to change up a gear.

Not on the same scale but both monzo and brewdog have had ceo’s step down, brewdog very recently and there are always a number of factors.

For someone who’s seen the company grow literally from an idea to billions in AUM, 8 years and countless stresses in that time take their toll, and he still has his shares and is a board member. Those are good signs to me even if it does look like a more sudden step down than normal from the outside.

My two pence obviously