Add dividend info at the bottom of the stock page

Please add if the stock gives you dividends and how much they give you. That would help me out a lot


Agreed. This would be nice if the market data is not too expensive!

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If I own a stock it would also be useful to see a list of dividends that have been paid to me alongside the history of buys and sells.


And the dividend yield of my portfolio :pray:


This!!! It’d be really nice to have that figure even if it’s an approximation (as dividends can be cut or announced at any time)

In the mean time you already have this in your activity stream. Would be nice to have that stream filterable, though.


This would be great info to add to each companies page

Feels like should add a portfolio upload option and then overlay dividend data.
Is that of interest?
Let me know. I can build a basic version of that pretty quick I’d think.


This is the only thing missing for me at this stage.

Very happy with Freetrade though.

Big fan of this… I usually find myself searching out of the app for this info as its quicker and easier because there’s not one consistent place to find. Hopefully we can add this! :pray:

Agreed! I don’t know why this isn’t included already.


Agreed this would be a brilliant idea, I believe Robinhood has something similar.

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On you have a personalised list of past and future dividends for your holdings, example screenshot: