Add the "Solved" plugin to forum topics

Within the Discourse settings there is the option to activate the solved plugin. This allows staff and topic creators to mark a certain reply in the thread as solved, which then pushes the solved reply to the top of the thread for more visibility :white_check_mark:

This saves users having to scroll down to find an update or solution to the original post, and allows staff to promote answers they deem worthy.

This can be configured so it only applies to certain category’s, or site-wide.

“Solved” plugin is only available in #help category. All other categories are designed to promote discussing and sharing different (sometimes substantially) opinions. Wouldn’t enabling “Solved” plugin elsewhere be misleading as it will identify opinions as solutions? :slight_smile:

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Awesome :slight_smile:

I imagine it could be quite useful in category’s such as #ideas (that have been adopted) and #stock-requests (that have been added). I would not imagine using it for discussions or opinions.

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That’s a great suggestion in fact. We are currently using :freetrade: emoji in the title to indicate that the idea is implemented.

With #stock-requests, there used to be :iphone: to indicate that a stock has been added but now we are moving towards custom emojis that are related to the industry each added company operates in (e.g. :steam_locomotive: for Trainline).


Ahh, I see. I was trying to figure out what those emoji’s meant the other day :muscle:

Interesting to know regarding Stock requests. I’d have thought a tick might have been easier for people to understand. I never knew what the emoji’s meant.

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