Address Layout on Profile Screen

On the screen accessed via the profile icon at the top of the Profile screen, the user’s postal address is laid out in a slightly strange way.

Yeah, this is super minor feedback in the scheme of things!

It looks like this (only right justified)…

door number
street name
town postcode

It would be more conventional like this…

door number street name

There it is.

Just had a :eyes: Didn’t notice at first but now I know, I can’t unsee it so I agree the current format is not ideal. Good spot!


:hushed: I’ve always put the county before the postcode?


I’m sorry. You’re right. I just messed that up because I never bother using the county if I manually write an address. That and the county on my own postal address doesn’t match the county my house is actully in. It’s silly.

But having the house number on a separate line jars for me. I guess it might be presented that way because some people enter a house name instead of a number. Fair enough, but then I’d want the layout to be displayed differently for each address format.

Coders hate him…

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Yeah it’ll be this, and for flats so flat 6, or building xyz, flat 6. For example “The Post House, Flat 6b”

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True, I’d say I only actually use the county less than half the time :grinning: