Advice blogs/tipsters?

Has anyone found any advice blogs on trading tips to be profitable?
In the blogs/sites that I use, I apply my usual cynicism and scrutiny to each post. But every other email/post is a link to their premium advisory service.
Has anyone got any advisory services that tip more winners than losers and are genuinely worth the read?
Any tips would be great.

I think you should only read Yahoo Finance and Hargreaves Lansdown. They link to other newssites. I think it is best to just try to understand the fundamentals of a business and analyse the charts.

I have been investing now for a month and all advices/bloggers I see are pretty useless. Andrei Jikh is fun to watch but he actually does not say anything useful besides the obvious. Same goes for other bloggers. The reason is that you need a financial advisor registration so they cannot advice you specific stock picks.

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