Advice on how to exit large positions

I have done well on FT and have ammased a good chunk of profit in one share. With the cap of about £10k per sell order is there any advice on how to exit a position any quicker as I will be looking at circa 20 trades to exit the position.


willing to share some gains p**n?

I think customer support might be able to put this through in one go but you might have to wait a long time for them to get back to you at the moment given the severe delays.
I’m not sure what trades of such size would do to the price if you were to put 20 consecutively but that would be the quickest way.

Is it a UK share? I thought they’d already increased the limit for US shares to 25K

Similar in GIA


is this argo blockchain? :joy:





You absolute hero


recycle some into KR1? :heart_eyes: you won’t be able to do that on Freetrade though


Depends on your goal…

If you just want to a quick sale, sell it in £9.9k chunks and try not to hit the share price too much.

If you want to try to get the best price, sell it in smaller chunks, use limit orders within the current buy/sell range, don’t leave limit sell orders open as the MM’s will then use this information to hold down the price and try to tempt you to sell for less, get comfortable with the idea that you will probably need to work your way through these sell orders over a period of a day or more.

Whichever approach you take, try to pick a day when you are selling into strength as this will then help soak up your sell orders without hitting the share price.

I had a similar problem at the back end of last year with my GGP shares. It ended up taking me around two days to sell out, but I managed to do it without negatively affecting the rising share price. I then had a similar problem as I tried to then use this money to buy into another company without driving up the share price.

Best of luck.


Congratulations on your gains and having the foresight to get out before the bubble bursts. Nice problem to have!

I don’t think there will be any option but to sell in chunks, but in a way that might work in your favour. You could sell one each hour, each day or each week depending how long you think this particular share will be this high.


I use limit orders when selling over 10k but it is a massive pain and Freetrade needs to develop the functionality for PMT levy soon.

The last thing Freetrade needs is to be losing customers as they build larger portfolios.



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Congrats :tada: that’s awesome

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I just need advice on how to get into this situation :rofl:


You and me both :sweat_smile: Assuming it’s far too late to get in on this.

Plenty of potential opportunities to choose from within the “Freetrade Baggers” spreadsheet (top of the message thread with the same name).

Best of luck. :slight_smile:



Holy f-in s… we have our very own DFV.

200k profit? Absolute legend.

I couldn’t sleep at night fretting it was going to crash the next day.


You might want to check my last post in the ARB thread when deciding how much to leave in ARB - and DYOR, don’t just take my word for it.

Have a look at some of Peter Wall’s interviews - it’s a big priority for him as he feels the US market values tech/BTC stocks more highly.