AFC Energy 🌳 (AFC)

Hydrogen fuel cell company a little bit like ITM Power. UK based green energy company that has partnered up with ACCIONA in Spain who have a massive renewables footprint. Great growth potential in a very interesting space, currently trading around 28p

It’s definitley one I’d like to see. I was too young to join at the start of the ‘dotcom revolution’ that’s finally matured; I’d like to get in early on the hydrogen economy!


Me too sadly! Hydrogen is going to see very interesting developments in the near future. The likes of Shell combining hybrids with offshore wind and it could be the short term answer to power storage solutions too and solve the issue of green power being able to constantly supply the grid.


£30 million raise yesterday which went very quickly. Corresponding drop in SP today but this stock has huge growth potential. Hydrogen is going to power the carbon free future…

Sadly I had to go to another platform to buy this - only ~£100.

Even more sadly, I did it before yesterday’s raise - which also appeared on PrimaryBid and I couldn’t top up my holdings because Freetrade and the other platform aren’t supported by/don’t support PrimaryBid.

Most sadly, I’ve been hammered and am down 34%. Doh!

I’m still very keen on hydrogen but wary of any company that has to do raises just to keep its head above water.

Pretty sure if you are a long term investor you’ll do absolutely fine. Don’t sweat the bumps. Significant growth potential

Hey Victor, can you add this stock this month into your Green section?


anywhere to look into the numbers for this company properly?

Was just looking for news articles on AFC and came across this:

Also Extreme-E racing has a youtube channel which has some impressive videos

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Thoughts on there half earnings report today ?

Looks like good news.