AFC Energy 🌳 (AFC)

Well i was buying few times and always sells me for higher price when i been billed as shown on receipt .

There will be times where you buy or sell and the price goes the other way too.

A receipt isnt going to do anything. Understanding the system you’re putting your money into will

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Thank you, well i am glad i asked the question when I learned more now :+1::blush:

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I get the spirit in which this is said, but that’s not a good “hard rule” to have.
If you think you’re going to have to wait a long time for recovery, then your money will work harder elsewhere in the meantime. I got rid of a few holdings last month, some at a 20% loss. The holdings I moved the money to have since increased, where as the ones I sold have only dropped more. All this means is when I feel comfortable moving the money back, I’ll have a lower average price and more shares for the same total investment.

There is no shame in moving money around to make it work harder.


Sell at a loss to offset CGT (when applicable) too.

I sold all mine at a loss as I just lost faith. I put the money into sausage rolls (Greggs) and haven’t looked back! The money was just doing nothing there except diminishing in value. I’m making the loss back in profit now. Sometimes you’ve just got to cut your losses.

I’ve got 4000 left did have 45000 lost interest but will keep this small investment and hope for the best

Just wonder is it time to cash out? Or it expected to go only up :woman_shrugging:

If anyone here could tell you which way a stock will move I’m sure they would guard that info as it’ll make them filthy rich.

This is not advise.
I imagine the current price range to stick around a little while.
Possibly see another jump as previous months but with a sharp drop shortly thereafter. I’m looking to sell part of the position when I think its peaked, if it keeps climbing , oops. If it drops ill wait a bit and buy back in to increase my position and hold til we see another spike.


I completely with you on this, just i am new to it i noticed what when companies signed to something they stock going up and when drops, I thought it’s something normal as company use they incomes to develop business towards the next big thing they was planning.

You’re not wrong. But not entirely right either.

A company doing well, making deals and making money, does not necessarily have the impact on stock price youd think.
It’s people buying selling holding that influences the price. Consider the recent GME hoohah. GME as a company were doing nothing too impressive but the stock market started trading it big time. Stocks are worth what people are willing to pay.

Although I did not clutch to your advice as if gospel, i did listen and take a step back and held. I am glad I did.

AFC are now my highest value holding, (Not highest percentage earned), every exaggerated profit I have made, I’ve sent back here.

With the uniqueness that AFC brings in the market, i foresee them as a net positive in our greener world, and will expect in 5 years time to be very glad I’ve invested.

(No advice here, just me learning, and giving you all a timestamp to bring back up in x years time to gloat :wink: )

Cheers Nicknak .


Check out the Extreme E racing this weekend powered by AFC… qualifying today and racing proper tomorrow. Very exciting.
Big share bounce happened this week and am fascinated to see where it goes. I’m increasingly optimistic about future prospects and will be long term hold.


I’m quite excited by this memorandum of understanding with Altaaqa. I’m hoping it should be a lucrative project with long term revenue for AFC.

Saudi Arabia have made a commitment to remove it’s reliance on fossil fuels by 2030, with the “aim of becoming the world’s leading hub in the production of green hydrogen and ammonia.”

According to the article below, Altaaqa are the region’s market leaders for the fossil fuel generated off grid power supply. They want to continue as market leaders as the country moves towards a green energy future. So without seeing any figures for what AFC are getting from Altaaqa I’m just speculating on profitability but surely this is quite a big deal?

Certainly looks like Extreme E has provided some good PR and shown AFCs technology works.

I know we haven’t reached all time highs yet but a 60% increase in share price has been nice to see this last month and brought me back into profitability. I’m long term holding AFC and hoping for plenty more deals with large companies as they transition to green energy in the coming years.

Altaaqa owns and operates one of the world’s largest mobile diesel generator rental fleets…The company provides temporary and off-grid power solutions to oil & gas, power utilities, mining, military, manufacturing, data centers, construction and government services sectors.


I’m hoping it falls a bit more so I can buy more cheaply :joy:


Well I have some good news for you…

I used to have this when it was sub £0.20 but I got impatient and sold out. I started buying again at £0.69 the other day and now it’s dropping back quite a bit. No need to thank me. I’m just happy to help.

I’ll let you know if I plan on buying again so that you can take advantage of my kiss of death.


I think we must have done a tag team double up on that because I got more at the top too. I’ve bought this stock twice and both times it has immediately dropped…


Right you two, don’t buy any more, it’s going up and we want to keep it that way :joy:

(Joking of course!)


Ha ha, I literally bought some at 13:26, just over half an hour ago! Sorry in advance.