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Please can you kindly list AFC Energy on Freetrade?

AFC is a highly innovative chemical-engineering company that has positioned itself ready for the ongoing rapid take-off of hydrogen technology. It is a member of the WEF Hydrogen Council (Davos, 2017) and has spent 10 years developing a highly efficient H2 fuel cell, which it plans to license to companies worldwide. Hydrogen is a zero-emission fuel with huge potential to reduce carbon emissions and airborne pollution. AFC’s fuel cells can be used to power cars, buses, heavy goods vehicles and off-grid EV chargers.

Benefits of Alkaline Fuel Cells:

  • Use of lower purity and cheaper hydrogen (better fuel tolerance)
  • More resilient to CO, CO2 and other fuel contaminants
  • Low cost materials and manufacturing steps
  • Scalable units – 10kW base module scalable to multi-MW
  • Long operational life cycle

AFC stock is still very cheap, trading at 19.2p (31 Jan).

There is already a stock request for this, but here’s some news.

Interesting! Thank you

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