After hours trading 🇺🇸

Is there anyway on Freetrade currently or perhaps in the pipeline that will allow investors to buy in the pre-market. PM opens at 8am EST for the NYSE for example. Obviously Basic orders would lose the advantage but an Instant order would allow for the execution right then and there. Just a thought

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That’s in line with the current offering. Of course, Alpha would then presumably make out of hours trading free since it will make instant trades free (besides the Alpha fee, of course).


I deleted my message I’ve been up since 5…my bad! I thought you were saying it’s a huge selling point that its all “free”. I don’t mind paying the extra £1/$1/€1 to lock in the better price. Each to their own I suppose.

And yes I would like to see it personally as an investor but also as one in FT

Totally agree. Ye I would like if someone could outline the times. My understanding is you get in cheaper price ie. For NYSE Or NASDAQ before the Americans wake up

If it’s something you might have flagged in the previous days or had on a watchlist and are ready to press the button on it

Forex is 24/7, Crypto is 24/7…

Let’s make it happen guys. Give the people what they want!

Would love this! Is this on the roadmap?

In practice, the cash price often moves to the PM extreme, and obviously ‘getting a better price’ implies instant dealing (£1 fee). The real advantage of PM/AH is to trade through out-of-hours events, such as earnings, the 1330GMT US reports etc.

As I said above, FT is very good platform for day-trading, as £1 is still the cheapest around.

Another vote for this, to be able to see the real time share price from after hours trading would be great.
I currently use another platform for fractionals, which I will switch over once they roll out here, seeing Tesla at $563 having closed at $545 to be able to move on this and sell at a high and wait for a dip would be great to build up the size of the said fraction!

For a FreeTrade+ paid level, is there the possibility for an after hours US trading feature?

Or is this totally not doable?


In theory it’s possible but it is not done through the exchange but through an Electronic Communication Network (ECN) and every broke typically has different rules about what is allowed etc. I don’t know how easy it would be for Freetrade to build/utilise this facility.

Given that Freetrade have been removing ETFs which have seem low liquidity it seems unlikely they would move into this sphere. Low volumes in after hours trading venues can cause large volatility spikes, infilled or partially filled orders etc.

If ETFs with low liquidity are deemed inappropriate to remain on Freetrade it seems odd that they would then pursue this avenue.


I’d love to see pre and afterhours trading as part of Freetrade plus. I don’t think this feature is supported by many brokers so it could be a key differentiator for freetrade.


Is it possible to add/look into Extended Trading Times for the US market to offer pre-market and after-market trading?

  • with order clearing, not queuing
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Really good idea :bulb: :ok_hand: US stock’s

There is already a thread for this:

Best to vote and comment there as making mug-lie threads just dilutes votes and makes it less likely Freetrade will prioritise whatever issuing requested.

I think afterhours trading should not exist bar a short period to settle trades. It skews the game in favour of big players.

I just got an email from DeGiro about their takeover by flatex, which specifically mentions they are looking at extending trading hours.

I’d like to see this, I haven’t seen many brokers offer this to be honest.

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After hours seems like smth that benefits only a select few if it is not available everywhere

I think what we ideally want is premarket trading more so.
I’d rather place an order premarket to get in before the open than to place an order after hours?

Just me or?

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Long advocate of this feature. So much control over personal portfolio and returns