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Looking increasingly likely that the first ever lab grown meat in the UK (and planet) will go on sale this year for pets. If it does happen it will be ANIC owned company Meatly. Also worth noting they have distribution sorted with Pets at Home

Existing industry sees it as a threat and big lobbyists are trying to stop it. They wont be able to in the long run. As It is better way of producing food once they achieve price parity.

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Agreed. The reason for not doing it in the US is beef industry, that’s the only resistance and they are perhaps wisely targeting the US bible belt. Other areas of lab grown food not offering competition to the cow will find little to no resistance. Take for example BluNalu, ANICs Blue Fin tuna company. Without a whisper of dissent, they are currently marching towards a commercial product in early 2025. They also and interestingly have MOUs with Mitsubishi, Thai Fisheries and PIF on the board.

On series A funding cultivated meat (chicken) company, Meatly have a product.

On receiving approval from the FSA they will be the first company in the world to sell cultivated meat for pets.

Agronomics Limited - Meatly Creates Cans of Cultivated Pet Food #ANIC @AgronomicsLtd Agronomics Limited - Meatly Creates Cans of Cultivated Pet Food - Vox Markets #voxmarkets

Progress being made in the US

ANIC investee Formo announces partnership deal with Those Vegan Cowboys with the intention of speeding up price parity for industrial scale casein production

Agronomics Limited - Formo Update #ANIC @AgronomicsLtd #voxmarkets

Progress happening in UK regulatory process

Perfect Day’s milk the first precision fermentation producr to be sold at sporting event (Miami Open)

60 times faster than normal process of animal husbandry-slaughter, it now takes ANICs Meatable four days to produce their meat

ANIC Rebellyous Foods CEO talks about Bezos investment

ANIC investee Clean Foods working towards getting their lab made palm oil on the market announce £2.5m investment from Clean Growth Fund. ANIC currently own 27.4% in equity of Clean Foods

Agronomics Limited - Clean Food secures £2.5m additional funding #ANIC @AgronomicsLtd Agronomics Limited - Clean Food secures £2.5m additional funding - Vox Markets #voxmarkets

The discount is real folks. Another ANIC leading the party, along to which we are early. This time it is palm oil

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Meatable close to regulatory approval in Singapore have upscaled to 500l bioreactors

Second successful funding round for an ANIC investee in as many weeks. This time egg company Onego Bio rasined €37m to march towards scaled production.

ANIC have approx. 27% owneeship

Article on today’s RNS, outlining dates for approval

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ANIC invests $10m into worlds first precision fermentation factory in a $12.5m funding round. Possibly ANICs largest single investment for some time if not ever. It’s their most impressive portfolio company.

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ANIC investee relaases new product in Singapore