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It wouldnt work, save for the fact that it is already starting to work. But it is very very early days. Rome as they say, wasnt built in a day.

This video is interesting but is about a year out of date on the cost analysis especially and is a bit limited on explanation of process. Some good stuff on the Good Food Institute cited though.

Nederlands prepare code of practice for tastings and eating cultivated meat, wroking alongside two companies: Mosa Meat and Meatable. Both are Agronomics investees

Upcoming interview with Jim Mellon talking Agronomics on 10 July. Register for free here

First tasting of Formo dairy products (without the cow) in London. RNS includes a video.

Formo was incorporated in 2019, $54m raised, no product in the market yet (after 4 years) and obviously 0 revenues.

I really do not get it…

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I think that is understandable, it is a novel process. It would difficult to imagine a world where new food tech would go from concept to customer in under 10 years, but, in the case of Formo, we do not need to imagine.

In 2021 they got $50m to build a factory and plan consumer roll out. In short, I suspect within a year you will be able to go into a shop, and get it.

Another humungous rns from ANIC. Lab grown cotton maker Galy enters into a 10 year $50m deal with Suzuran medical.

While Formo products are not yet commercially available, the company has hinted that it expects them to launch this year.

Empty promises, super short on the sector. I see Agronomics share at £2 by year end,

No one at Formo or ANIC is making a promise about commercialising their product. Point of fact, a quick read of the article and you will note:

“We’re planning to go commercial within the next few years. I don’t want to give precise dates here as we don’t want to create any wrong expectations.”

I think a basic awareness of ANIC share price might help you understand that £2 by the end of the year is an impossibility. It is currently at around 10p.

I think investing in ANIC and expecting that kind of return over the next two years are mutually exclusive concepts. In the current market ANIC is an easy short for retail investors, which in turn is helpful for long term investors who are following progress and timelines of investees.

There is no market, there is no product market fit yet, there is no authorisation yet, there is nothing at the moment.

To me it seems a dead sector and Agronomics share price is going to suffer.

I mean, most of your claims are categorically not true. Every investee has a product.

Assuming by authorisation you are refering to meat (for dairy it is not necessary), in the USA two companies got the green light. In the UK, the gov. have put £120m aside, in the Nederlands, ANIC companoes have been enlisted the gov. for help with legislation.

You might note that two posts up, there is a link to an article stating $50m contract for lab cotton.

In order for the sector to be dead it needs to have had a life in the market place. Most ANIC investees have either just or are starting to build factories.

I think you are right when it comes to the share proce, for now. In the current market place, it is to be expected. Yet, until someone points me in the direction of some clear evidence, I think the unguided mass of retail shorts are nothing but a boon for the long term investors.

Following the tasting of Formo cheese earlier this week a survey looking at potential for uptake for precision fermentation cheese.

A pleasantly surprising 79% said they would buy Formo. Considering how awful the nut/soy based stuff is, even the 17.8% market share is tremendous news.

At present Formo are setting up for production with the new factory and have a clean runway for cell based dairy in europe.

for god sake Formo paid for this research!!

European precision-fermentation leader Formo has teamed up with the University of Saskatchewan on a landmark study…

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In what universe do novel companies not pay for research on their new products? One perhaps requiring the input of divine intervention.

ahhh you are the best!

Non ANIC, but interesting to see that Aleph may be first cultivated meat company to gain approval in europe. They are funded by Swiss supermarket

RNS on NAV: Which stands at £157m on £128 invested. Share price estimated at 15.80p down from 16.14p in March. £28m of uninvested cash in the bank. Also includes a nice summary of investees who are approach commercialisation over the next 12 months.

ANIC lead series b funding round for Meatable raising $35m ahead of product launch in 2024

Clean Tech series a funding round led by Agronomics for £2.3m, includes Allianza and Doehler group. The money will enable the company which creates a green alternative to palm oil to scale up production and secure pathway to commercialisation next year