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China’s first lab grown meat factory opens with £6m series A funding. ANIC have a third of that round. Food on the table in 2025. This, I might add is the only factory in China operating, the sector has gov. approval.

Another company in ANIC portfolio with proprietary tech, with a solid path to commercialisation. Enjoy the discount.

ANIC hire Leon co founder Henry Dimbleby to Good Dog Food (GDF) board. This follows on from GDF hiring Principles, a PR agency to handle branding for commercialisation. And this follows on from Pets at Home putting £3.6m into the company. In Jim Mellon’s interview with Aspen institute he stated GDF would be on the shelves by the end of the year.

Another company without 0 revenues

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I think you mean ‘with 0 revenues’? Not true, however, as GDF have revenue from ANIC and Pets at Home, amongst others.

You might say that they have 0 income. But then GDF do not yet have their product in the shops, yet.

Great article on precision fermentation. Worth noting that scale will be the challenge. Liberation labs (ANIC) factory will be online at the end of next year, giving all companies in this $34bn+ by 2031 market the opportunity to scale. They will also be the only factory to do this.

ANIC investee SuperMeat has received Kosher status for its cell based chicken.

Mosa Meat, ANIC investee gains certified B Corporation status:

Not an ANIC investee but interesting to see the industry gear up for scale

McKinsey report on alternative sea food sector; looks at plant and lab grown market for potential and challenges:

ANIC investee Formo to launch precision fermentation product in the EU this year, no regulatory hurdles:

Cell meat is a bubble according to this important article

When did this bubble happen? There needs to be a rapid escalation of market activity which there has not yet been.

Likely you wont be able to use that term with any degree legitimatcy until early 2025.

interesting article! New Theranos…
for sure there will be a lot of scams in the Lab-Grown meat industry…
I am super short on Agronomics

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Here is one answer the question about how to scale up on lab grown meat (not an ANIC investee):

Non ANIC investee but more huge news

ANIC investee Formo to launch lab grown egg product in resturants and hotels this year across Berlin. Retail offering planned for next year

Hitachi Zosen (not ANIC) has discovered a process of producting cell cultured meat that reduces the cost of making it by 90%