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Italy are behind the times in all aspects tbf

The research community in Italy, to be fair, are clear about this being a clear backwards step. It’s a ban openly backed by farming community as was the UC Davis paper (non peer reviewed) published in the states (beef farming in the states). Watch more Conservative right wing governments jump on the bandwagon (Florida may be next one).

In a real sense it demonstrates the growing power of lab grown foods.

It is also an opportunity for ANIC backed companies to get a clear advantage and greater market share. Also, companies like Ivy Farms that are looking to work with the farming community. So the UK stands to benefit from this ye olde decision.

Interview with Jim Mellon. At approx. 9.51 he talks about ANIC creating including pet food company Meatly (formerly Good Dog Food). Mellon mentions Meatly will be in the stores by the end of the year. I’m optimistic about ANIC but it’s nearly December, where is that RNS?

The race is hotting up in precision fermentation. News of another approval in the US (non ANIC) and a potential customer for Liberation Labs

Ringing endorsements in the form of USDA funding for Liberation Labs factory. Total of $75m of $115m raised for factory capital. Due to open early 2025.

And Clean Food Group pen deal with Roberts bakery

Agronomics Limited - Liberation Labs secures US$ 25 million loan #ANIC @AgronomicsLtd Agronomics Limited - Liberation Labs secures US$ 25 million loan - Vox Markets #voxmarkets

Agronomics Limited - Investee Company Update: Clean Food Group #ANIC @AgronomicsLtd Agronomics Limited - Investee Company Update: Clean Food Group - Vox Markets #voxmarkets

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Adding this to my watchlist. :seedling::cow2:

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Welcome to the party, you are early

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Mellon touted his pet food company, Meatly, to have a product on the shelves this year but it looks like 2024 is the revised timeline. Pets at Home are £3.9m in on Meatly, so unless regulatory hurdles are insummountable this like all cell ag. companies requires a bit more patience

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Let’s just hope it doesn’t turn into an xfiles episode! :paw_prints:

Agronomics Limited - Investee Company Update: Clean Food Group #ANIC @AgronomicsLtd Agronomics Limited - Investee Company Update: Clean Food Group - Vox Markets #voxmarkets

its very instructive to see that VC Funds /Institutional Investors are not investing anymore in cultivated food sector and the industry is now relaying on government grants, subsidiaries, ecc.

Obviously all the VCs that invested in cultivated food companies have lost any additional appetite for the sector. They have lost so much money already!

Blackrock, Canaccord, JP Morgan and Jupiter all invested in Agronomics - not counting HL. That is setting aside government funding (the £2bn UK and recent $20m US gov funding). I think you might want to have a strong word with whomever is briefing you on the above videos, articles, they seem to be generating conclusions out of thin air - not disimilar to ANIC’s investee, Solar Foods.

we both know that is the end of the road for the cell meat sector…
VC are running away from the sector and no company has show any sign of commercial traction so far. What are the revenues of the sector in 2023? $1M? Globally?

It just did not happened…so many sector have hype and after disappeared…

ps I am not sure that Blackrock or JP Morgan are happy about their investment in Agronomics (-17.2% YTD).


If you can show a smidgen of supporting evidence behind that wild claim, do try.

Highlights in 2024 will be launch of Meatly on Pets at Home shelves in 2024. In 2025 Liberation Labs will be the only factory of upscaling precision fermentation based products in the US.

I’ll keep sharing updates and no doubt you will do your best to understand them. If you find a decent argument why cell ag. is not going to grow, I’m all ears.

To be charitable to an aspect of your thesis, it is a terrible time for VCs, and as Chow mentions in the video it is going to take some good news about interest rates to make a meaningful impact on the share price. Until then the discount is on.

A good idea, especially considering the lobbying power of the bovine farming community in the US: