AIM listed stocks

Have a look at the Fractional Shares feature they’re working on.

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They’ll come in time. FT is a fast developing company but it very much is still develping. It is likely you’ll see both fractional shares and many more shares to invest in the next 6 months. Some.of us have waited years to just invest at all.


Cheaper shares don’t necessarily mean better shares, but I must admit to using my HL LISA to load up on interesting AIM stocks like Ten Lifestyle Group, EVRH, organigram and Wey education.

The name’s a bit confusing, we’re building a service for long term investors, not traders :sweat_smile:

Here’s our plans for adding AIM stocks at the moment -

But as Zac & Ben mentioned, we will be launching fractional shares, to let you buy £5 worth of a Facebook share for example, rather than whole shares.

And once our investment platform is ready (hopefully by the end of the year), we’ll be able to add thousands more stocks :muscle: