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Do we know when Airbus will be available on the platform?

Current price is extremely tempting.


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Hi there,
Airbus stock is great for trading (large and stable with enough volatility).
Please, count my vote for adding Airbus stock:).

I saw an update yesterday from FT about Airbus but it has now disappeared from the forum - the type that is posted when a stock is about to be added - or was I dreaming :thinking:

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Saw it as well.

What’s the current share price?

113 EUR this morning

This is now live on your app! :airplane:


‘Airbus has landed…’

You guys nailed it!


I thought French stocks had landed for a moment, but it looks like this is the German listing instead.

I invested Airbus since October and found it can’t be traded recently. Why? How can I sell the stock? Many thanks. Yan

Same problem here. I not pretty sure is it related to our subscription scheme.

@TTChang I don’t think that is the case. Freetrade as far as I can see acts in a fair way. If for some reason a stock is not available to purchase at a particular subscription level you would still have the possibility of selling the stock if you previously purchased it.

In this case: I can see that the moment this stock is not available to buy or sell and I don’t know why. It might be temporary hiccup. @acamp is there an on going even/issue with this stock?

Hi @Yan06 - we’re currently working with our third party provider on this and should have it back up and running shortly! I’ll let you know as soon as there’s an update.

Your comment makes sense

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Hi @Yan06! Airbus (€AIRd) is now available for trading again. Thanks for raising this!


Airbus Q3 earnings results were released yesterday. The stock price declined slightly today, considering that there were no “good” news and the risks of geopolitical environment we are currently.
Airbus Defense and Space is dragging the results down, which seems strange considering the current environment.
Airbus aircraft is looking to add a CEO to look after that part of the business, giving space to Guillaume to focus on other parts of the business.

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His American friends are unparalleled in arm market. Personally I think Airbus has quite the same issue as Boeing has. The commercial airplane sector is the only sector makes profit at this moment.

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