Airtel Africa (AAF) - Share Chat

So why did Freetrade not add this? Especially as they"ve gained 50% value since Sept 2019?

Looks like no-one voted for it.

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I’m all for democracy but … I’m losing gains! :neutral_face:

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Searching for ways to invest in the African market, found Airtel Africa as an interesting option in the LSE. High P/E but good dividends and prospects of growth. Also well positioned for a post Corona world.

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Airtel Africa is a provider of telecommunications and mobile money services, with a presence in 14 countries in Africa, primarily in East Africa and Central and West Africa

AAF’s share prices has increased by 41.96% in the last 3 months!

Please can this get added as it’s very bullish atm and likely to be for the long term.


…recovering back to where it was at the start of the year.

You can also invest in Vodafone, they have a good presence in Africa. They are also worldwide so they are quite good against recessions in one country.

How many other U.K. companies have regained their share price as to what is was pre Covid 19?

Going ex divi on 02/07, would be great to add ASAP for investors hoping to secure the dividend

Voted. Sounds like good way to invest in an African focused/based company.

Ok, I changed my mind and bought into it today. The dividend is the mai reason. I am a bit scared that the stock might dive tomorrow but it’s a risk I am willing to take. Africa as a growth continent makes this look like a good company.

I sold y Royal Mail shares (as well as my Lloyds) and reinvested them in AAF. If a logistics company cannot make a good profit during the pandemic, then probably it will never beat the competition.

It has to dive on ex day (ceteris paribus). Any other reaction would be free money. That has nothing to do with the company though.

Yeah I know, I meant that I would expect many people to sell their stocks after exdiv day because the dividend was so good.

well the price held firm even without the dividend today!

Based on EBITDA - Airtel Africa is trading at less than 4x LTM EBITDA which is quite nice given future growth prospect